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As a Professional in Mental and Emotional health for many years, I am passionate to help and support the wellbeing of my clients.

It is important to feel free from unwanted emotions or unwanted behaviours to appreciate our life. When someone feels stuck for long periods of time in unwanted behaviours or feelings, Addressing these issues effectively can change significantly how we live our daily activities.


Working with the part that needs resolution or assistance is what I focus on for you to benefit of the best changes in your wellbeing. 


The personality is composed of different Parts or Resources. For instance, Part of us might want to do one thing while another part might want to do something else and this can create an internal conflict.

I am committed and passionate to address these difficulties that someone may experience in a goal to free the personality and live fully what life has to offer.

Resource Therapy is a Psychodynamic approach. It combines Emotional Experiencing or a Felt Sense, a Focused State and the Resources of each of us to reach the goals set at the beginning of the therapy session. 

Therapy ST KILDA

Resource Therapy ST KILDA

The negative emotions or the unwanted behaviours that someone may experience in daily life are worked on in therapy to assist the personality to be free of the distress experienced.


Here are a few examples showing the conflicts that can occur between parts of the personality.


Someone may not be comfortable when he or she is criticized and that person could decide not to be assertive. The low Self-Esteem can be worked on to empower the part of the personality experiencing this type of distress.


When someone is afraid of experiencing a situation where there is no physical danger and that person experiences a distress that does not fit the situation at hands, by helping the part that experiences those difficulties, the wellbeing of the client will change.


Eating too much in front of the television after coming back from work can be a habit that wants to help the personality to feel better but it creates an internal conflict within the personality because there is other parts that do not like that behaviour.


Someone avoiding social groups or when someone avoids public speaking, that person may feel overwhelmed by negative feelings when being in a group of people. Additionally, the part of the personality experiencing the difficulty may be the wrong part to do the job.


Smoking to help the person feels relaxed, social or rebel is a part of the personality that wants to help in its own way but it can create a conflict with other parts that do not like that behaviour.


Working too much or being too lazy comes from a part that says “I don’t like that behaviour”. This is another example of parts in conflict. 


For more information on Resource Therapy, you can go to the Resource Therapy International website (  Resource Therapy ST KILDA