Emotional Wellbeing ST KILDA – Resource Therapy

How the session and the therapy work?

It is a collaborative process where the therapist facilitates the client to achieve the agreed goals.

A Psychodynamic approach is used to empower my clients based on Resource Therapy. It combines Emotional Experiencing or a Felt Sense, a Focused state and the Resources of my clients to reach the goals set at the beginning of the therapy session.

Engagement of the client in the therapeutic process will be a key for the results that the client will gain. 

A safe environment and support is provided to work together in direction of the agreed goals. 

Both Resource Therapy and a Focused state used in Hypnotherapy assist you. It helps you to having a better awareness, getting new understandings, resolving internal or emotional conflicts. It enables you to better use your personal resources and move forward in life more effectively.


Can you tell me about Confidentiality?

Confidential information obtained is preserved while performing the work. I will not disclose any of this personal information unless the client authorizes to do so or when requested by law or if there is a menace for the client’s wellbeing or to another person of the community.


How many sessions?

The number of sessions will vary depending on the nature of your visit. A first evaluation can be discussed over the phone to give you a more precise idea.


Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 5pm to 8pm

Saturday 10am to 4pm


Fees and Payments

The price per session is $100 for a first session or any subsequent session. The first Session is about 90 minutes and any subsequent session is 60 minutes.

The payment can be done directly in the checkout page on the website prior to the appointment. Secured payment with paypal or credit card. You will receive a confirmation receipt of the payment by email .

Consultation Cancellations require a minimum of 24 Hours notice and failure to do so will incur of $50 cancellation Fee.


Emotional Wellbeing ST KILDA – Resource Therapy