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Online Therapy or eTherapy is getting more common. Consultations by staying at Home using Skype or Vsee Video are now available. 

You’re only a few clicks away and If you are unable to attend appointments in person, online sessions are a good alternative.  Just give us a call on 0412 852 879 or complete the form below. 

Issues such as Stress, Anxiety, Self-Esteem, Addictions, Emotional Problems or Internal Conflicts can be facilitated in an online therapy session with a Certified Therapist.

This service is only available to people living in Australia. 

Confidentiality and your personal information are important. That is why this website is using https and SSL to improve the security when exchanging personal information. 

Please complete the form and read the terms of service below and let me get back to you in order to finalize the appointment. 

Secured Paypal or Credit Card payment for 1 Session (1 Hour) is required prior to the appointment by using the checkout page. Checkout

Online Therapy

Terms of Service:

If you have an online session with Julien PHILIPPE, you make an agreement to the following Terms and Conditions below.

When participating in the online session, please ensure that during the session you are alone in an environment or a room that provides privacy, calm and safety and this for the benefit of the session.  The session uses a process of focus and experiencing. Engagement in this process will be a key for the outcome of the session.

The first session can take more than 1 Hour and the price is the same as a session of 1 Hour.

Have your mobile phone in muted mode during the session and at disposition to be unmuted in the eventuality that the internet connection is interrupted. 

Payment is done prior to the session using the Checkout page of this website. You will receive a confirmation of your payment. Please decide when filling the form which type of tool you want to use for online therapy.

I cannot guarantee Skype communication as private. Vsee protects data privacy with all audio/video being securely encrypted (HIPAA compliant). Here is a Skype guide: Skype Guide Link Here are links to Vsee: Vsee download and information.

Ensure the internet connection, the video and sound settings are working properly with the online tool. Connect and set-up the Headphones or the Integrated microphone and speaker and perform a test using the online tool prior to the session start. We will check together at the beginning of the session that the connection is appropriate.

The sessions are recorded for security purposes. Your video session will be stored for a period of time securely. The session is for the benefit of the client only. You must not record the video session, or distribute it or any part of it to another person. You must not forward electronic or emails documents to another person.

Any decision or any action you make as a consequence of the online session is at your own risk and responsibility. Julien PHILIPPE does not accept any liability or responsibility for any loss, damage and/or injury suffered or any action taken by you. In the event that your safety is at risk, I may choose to contact emergency services in order to protect your safety or the safety of others.