ST KILDA Emotional Wellbeing

ST KILDA Emotional Wellbeing 

I help my clients taking care of their mental and emotional wellbeing and struggling with Anxiety, Fear, Self-Esteem, Addictions or Internal Conflicts.

Empowering the resources experiencing those difficulties and using the best resources allows to move forward the wellbeing of my clients.


Stress, Anxiety or Fear

Managing Stress and Anxiety and learning on how to recognize it is important in order to live life better and in a more healthier way. Different types of situations will create different types of internal and external stress and anxiety.

Two different persons facing the same stressful situations can react differently. The interpretation they have based on their memories, beliefs and emotions will trigger different reactions and different stress.

By targeting the internal conflict and using the right resources, Stress and Anxiety can be better understood, resolved or improved. Everybody get caught in daily difficulty and these difficulties can be well managed when an individual has access to the right resources and skills to manage it.



Low self-esteem can come from parts of the personality that feel not good enough. The therapy will focus to empower and support the parts of the personality that experience these negative emotions. An avoiding Behaviour such as a Fear that something bad could happen can be the result of low Self-Esteem.


Addictions and Avoiding behaviours such as Smoking, Internet, Workaholism, Shopping, Eating Disorders, social anxiety, business procrastination or Perfectionism but not limited to this list can be worked on in therapy. Contact me if you suffer from a different type of addiction or avoiding behaviour to check that your issue can be addressed.


Sleep Disturbance and Internal Conflicts

If you suffer from sleep disturbance, a good start is to check your sleep hygiene. You can find some good sleep hygiene recommendations on website. Here is the link.

Additionally, rumination or worrying or excessive work hours or trying to organize the next day at bed time can affect the sleep quality and as a result it affects the performances during the next day. After evaluation during the session, the therapy will concentrate on improving the internal conflicts that are experienced.

Internal Conflicts can happen as well during the day. For instance, when we don’t work we may see ourself as “lazy” and when we rest we may see our working part as a “slave driver”.


Pain Management

Chronic Pain diminishes the enjoyment that someone can have in life. The pain sensations take the attention of the person and so the person is affected on a day to day basis. It can be debilitating when it is Chronic. Hypnotherapy and Resource Therapy are used in Therapy to change the experience of Pain. Hypnosis has a long history for managing pain. Refer to the link showing some research study results. The sessions for Chronic Pain Management are focused on bringing back the person in control of their psychological abilities and to diminish the discomfort experienced. 

Trauma and Abuse

Different types of trauma exist. Some may happen in Childhood and some may happen in adulthood. The therapy goal will be to empower and provide emotional relief and support to the parts of the personality that have experienced these difficulties. Being bullied or humiliated is another form of abuse that can be addressed in therapy.

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Resource Mapping – ST KILDA Emotional Wellbeing

Resource Mapping consists in assisting you to have a better understanding of your personality, your resources.

By becoming more self-aware of the different resources you have, you can use them more effectively in life.

A Resource Mapping Session will allow You:

– To access the different parts of your personality.

– Have a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses and how they are inter-connected.

– Have better control on your life by using more appropriately your Resources.

Two or more sessions are necessarily required in order to obtain a detailed resource mapping of your personality. 

You can contact me on my Mobile 0412 852 879 or use the online form in the Contact page.

ST KILDA Emotional Wellbeing